Something feels off. Maybe you’ve been asking God for a specific direction for your life and you feel like you’re hearing nothing. Your future feels fuzzy and confusing. Where are you headed? What are you supposed to do with your life? Where are you going next and how exactly will you get there?

What is Younique?

Younique is a Jesus-centered spiritual growth course where you will attend a series of sessions to discover more about your identity and then figure out what next steps are needed to go where God wants you to go. The experience is designed to find the breakthrough you are longing for in your quest to live and love like Jesus right where you are.

At the end of your Younique journey you will have a deeper understanding of who God created you to be and what he has prepared for you to do, being able to answer five key questions:

• What am I called to do?
• Why am I doing it?
• How am I doing it?
• When am I successful?
• Where is God taking me?

When you finish your journey, you will proudly be able to articulate your calling, your values and have developed a life plan with clarity. The Younique journey and coaches will provide accountability to engage in an intentional process with the tools to help you live an integrated life on purpose!

The details

Younique at Revive is offered in 2 formats – as a 2-4 months weekly cohort, or a set of weekend accelerators. Each method is followed by a 90-day launch period that helps you stay connected to a group of folks interested in living out of the clarity a Younique life plan can bring.

The cost of a cohort (kit & assessment tools) is $160; accelerator cost is $200 (kit, assessments, and meals).

Financial scholarships are available for those ready to commit to this experience but may need a little help.

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