Our Past

Our story began in 1988 with a strong desire to love and reach the people of Northwest Arvada for Jesus. We began under the name Foothills Community Church. Our first service was held at the Arvada Center, but early on, we also met in other venues. We eventually landed at Moore Middle School where we held services for 13 years. Sundays consisted of setting up the school and then tearing it down—everyone pitched in.

At times during those years we were unable to meet at the school and were forced to scramble for a place to have our services, sometimes on short notice. We would hold church at another building, or even at a park. During this unique part of our story, our pastor would say, “If you can find us next week, you can come worship with us.” As God continued to bless Foothills with more and more attenders, it became necessary to find a bigger home for the church; a place that would enable us to impact our community for Jesus while caring for those that were already attending and serving. We moved into our current location at 80th and Carr in 2001 and we have been here ever since.

We are a church
that chooses
faith over fear.

Our Present

God has blessed our story with many miracles along our journey. We are called to 80th & Carr and are dedicated to reviving people and places right where we are. We are currently transforming the shopping center in which we are located into “The Bridge,” a collaborative of partners bringing the hope of Jesus to vulnerable people in our community.

In 2018 we started leaning into this idea of living and loving like Jesus right where you are. Not only do we believe the church has a purpose in it’s specific location but we also believe that God has a purpose for each individual, right where we are. We are on a mission to equip and send out every single person who makes Revive Church their home so that they can be God’s reviving presence where they live, work and play.

We take time to share and celebrate the stories of revival that we are seeing in our lives. These stories give God glory, empower others and keep our focus on our purpose as Christ-followers.

In September 2020 we changed our name to Revive Church to better reflect our vision and mission as a church.

Our Future

We are grateful for our Lead Pastor, Kyle Morris, who is a visionary leader and not satisfied with the status quo. Kyle has spent countless hours over the past 4 years seeking the Lord on the vision for Revive Church.

As a staff and elder team, we feel our place is to serve vulnerable families in Arvada and beyond. We see unique needs within our community that we are resourced to provide help.

We see a future where our church is continuing to equip and empower our people to Live and Love Like Jesus Right Where We Are. Where our shopping center has been revived physically and is home to thriving for profit and non-profit organizations that are collaborating and working to serve vulnerable families. We see a day when more people come to know Jesus because of the collective impact of our people using our space to it’s fullest potential.

Keep up with what’s happening at The Bridge and other Construction projects here!

Revive Stories

Stories of revival in us, through us, and around us.

Our Mission

To Live & Love Like Jesus Right Where You Are

Our Vision

Reviving People And Places Right Where We Are

Our Values

99 For 1
Grace and Truth
Healing Over Hiding
Calling Over Comfort
Word and Spirit

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