Reviving people and places right where we are.

A Vision to Revive

In 2020, we became Revive Church. We are a faith community in the Arvada area that provides hope, guidance, and revival through life transformation where thousands of lives are changed. We want to empower and equip you to do ministry RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE (#RWYA).

Three ways we revive people in the Arvada community

Through shared values

These are the things we hold most dear that define our personality and how we want to accomplish our goals.

Through the 7 marks

The 7 Marks of a Jesus-Follower are qualities of a person who is committed to living and loving like Jesus.

Through shared beliefs

We are unified through a core set of beliefs and experience grace and community for beliefs that are not central to faith.

The Bridge

Everyone has a part to play; everyone has a brick to lay.

We had several major projects that took place in the last 12 months.

We redesigned our Next Gen spaces as we move all Revive Church ministry space under one roof as well as the exterior of the shopping center.

Both of these projects make necessary improvements needed to our space that is our first step to invite missional partners to The Bridge & will create more relational space across the campus.

Next Steps

  • We will revive the exterior space of The Bridge to make it a welcoming destination.
  • We are optimizing the Revive Church footprint under one roof (U1R) to best steward our space and invite partners for the prospering of our city.
  • We will play our part by investing economic capital to advance the vision.

How you can join


Everyone can pray for the peace and prosperity of our city, for the vulnerable people we will serve through these projects, for wisdom in planning, and that God be glorified through it all.


You can help us connect with business leaders, non-profits, city officials, and other professionals to make The Bridge successful! Please pass along to those who could help!


You can invest financially now and in the future to advance the vision of Revive Church and The Bridge!