Safety Information with New Construction

May 25, 2022

Construction is underway!  We are excited to see tangible construction starting for The Bridge and our Under One Roof Projects!

In case you’re new to Revive and/or not familiar with them, here’s a summaryof these projects:


  • Under One Roof is a significant moving and construction project for Revive Church through which we’re moving some key internal ministries from multiple locations in our mixed-use center and consolidating them “under one roof.” This project helps us achieve three key objectives:
    • Parent convenience. Under One Roof will make it faster and more convenient for parents, particularly for those with children spanning multiple grades, to bring their children to theRevive’s Kids’ and Student Ministries – without having to visit multiple somewhat remote locations
    • Revived Kids’ and Student Ministry spaces. Under One Roof means completely reviving our Kids and Student Ministry spaces so they are new, bright, vibrant, and inviting for our Kids and Students
    • Stewardship of our Space. Under One Roof helps make space available for future Bridge partners (see more below) who will help us serve our community, and particularly people in vulnerable situations.
  • The Bridge is one manifestation of our church’s Vision: “Reviving People and Places Right Where We Are.” The Bridge’s Vision is “The Peace and Prosperity of our City” based on Jeremiah 29:7. We plan to implement this Vision through a “Platform of Purpose” – a significantly revived and modernized mixed-use center (currently known as the Meadows Shopping Center) that is filled with excellent businesses and organizations designed to thrive, andwho have a heart to serve our community –especially people in vulnerable situations (economically, relationally, or spiritually).  

Construction Update

We have four construction projects underway.  One directly for Revive Church (Under One Roof) and three for The Bridge (Exterior Remodel, Deferred Maintenance, and the Lionheart Academy Tenant Improvement).

  • Under One Roof
    • What used to be three theaters across the hall from our Worship Center, and that formerlyhoused our Elementary Age Kids’ ministry and adult programming (the “Red Theater”),is being completely gutted on the interior. A fully redesigned and reimagined space for our Kids and Student Ministries that is beautiful, inviting, functional will be completed by October, and it will be convenientlylocated directly across the hall from our Worship Center.
    • Under One Roof also includes relocating our staff’s current office space to a much smaller space directly across the breezeway from the Worship Center.  This move, like the rest of the Under One Roof project, will free up significant space for future Bridge partners who will join us to serve our community.
  • The Bridge
    • Exterior Remodel. The exterior of The Bridge will be completely renovated to make it modern and inviting.  In addition to the exterior building remodeling, green space will be added, and the landscaping will be significantly upgraded.We believe that place matters, and our goal is to provide a space that people feel invited into and want to gather in.
    • Deferred Maintenance. Thisincludes replacement of rooftop HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units around the center, replacement of the center’s roof (now complete), and a completely resurfaced parking lot (to include larger parking spots!).
    • Lionheart Children’s Academy. The interior of our former “Warehouse” space has been redesigned and will be rebuilt into an Early Childhood Education Academy operated by Lionheart Children’s Academy (  Lionheart expects to open for students in January of 2023 and will be able to serve up to 223 students.  At least 25% of their students will be on reduced tuition through CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) and/or scholarship funds, and 50% of the available Academy slots will be reserved for non-church families.

All four projects are expected to be completed in early October.  Thiscompletion date is obviously dependent on continued favor with the City of Arvada with respect to construction permits and inspections, and on the availability of crews and materials required to complete the projects as planned.


Construction Safety

We want everyone on our property to be safe!

  • Please be aware that Revive/ The Bridge’s property is now part of a construction zone; please make sure your whole family knows this as well.
  • Construction zones often include hazardous situations:
    • Moving or stationary construction vehicles and equipment
    • Unexpected tripping hazards
    • Exposed sharp surfaces
    • Uneven walking surfaces
    • Falling debris, particularly during demolition work
    • Loud noises
  • Never cross into an area marked with red tape and/or marked with signsstating that entry is prohibited
  • Never enter an active construction area unless you are:
    • Authorized to do so
    • Accompanied by a Howell Construction (General Contractor) representative
    • Wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): hard had, safety vest, eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and appropriate clothing

We are doing everything possible to make our Bridge construction period as painless as possible.  Feedback regarding our temporary Kids’ and Student Ministry spaces has been positive, and we appreciate your patience and consideration during this exciting (but also challenging) period!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Cam Kenyon (Bridge Director at

We are thrilled to see the beginning of our much-anticipated Bridge construction and we hope you are as well!