Parking Lot & New Dates for Completion

Sep 1, 2022

Construction is very evident as you drive into Revive’s parking lot!

It is simultaneously exciting and disruptive. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the dust and ever-changing entry paths into our lobby to accommodate the construction necessary to revive our space.

Here are some key points to help inform you about our progress to date:

Projected Completion Dates

Projected construction completion dates have slipped from the end of October to the end of November.The delay can be attributed to two primary factors: permitting delays, and supply chain and labor challenges related to millwork (cabinetry, shelving, trim, etc.) and carpeting.

While obviously disappointing, the delay is not surprising given the wide-ranging permitting, supply chain, and labor challenges we and many others face.

Parking Lot Update

Why is the parking lot being torn up? 

Pavement has been removed in two areas for the addition of a new green space and a playground as illustrated in the image. Click or tap the image to enlarge.


Immediate and Short-Term Parking Disruption

In the long run we are confident that parking will be adequate and convenient (please see more about this below), but for the time being and until a more construction is completed, parking is admittedly a challenge. We acknowledge this and appreciate your patience!

Factors that make parking particularly challenging in the immediate and short term include the following:

A portion of the parking lot just to the east of Revive Church is temporarily closed for a construction equipment storage area.

The breezeway outside our lobby that connects the east and west parking lots is closed to foot-traffic, which makes parking on the east side especially impractical. Fortunately, we don’t expect the breezeway to be closed for more than a week or two.

As you are aware if you’ve parked in our lot before, most of the existing parking stalls are significantly smaller than they should be for a reasonably sized vehicle. This makes parking less efficient than it should be because we often and understandably park in every other stall so we can get out of our vehicles or do so without dinging up our doors.

What are we doing to help mitigate these parking challenges in the immediate and short term?

We are asking staff and volunteers (and any of us who are able-bodied and willing to do so) to park on the north side of the old warehouse space.

We are planning to use portions of the parking lot where asphalt has been removed for the new green space and playground areas for parking on an interim basis. If you do park in one of these areas, thank you for your understanding and please use extra caution.

Long-Term Parking Availability

A question we often hear is whether we will have enough parking for Sunday services after construction is complete and the new green space and playground areas are in place.

The short answer is yes, and it’s based on the following:

Although the new green space and playground result in the loss of parking slots, the remaining parking area will become more efficient than it is today. As noted above and as many of you know, current parking slots are way too small for a reasonably sized vehicle. This naturally leads to inefficient use of the parking spot as we often park in every other parking spot so we can get in and out of our cars and/or to avoid dinging our doors.

The new parking area will have properly sized parking slots which will allow us to fit significantly more cars into the same space.

We will have 342 slots in the area immediately surrounding Revive (east and west parking lots). In addition, we have the right to use an additional 238 parking spots on the Pediatric Dental Group property (just to the east of Revive all the way to Allison Way, which is the road next to Target). These spots will comfortably accommodate Revive parking requirements even on our busiest days of worship (i.e., Easter and Christmas).



Finally, certain landscaping features have been or will be removed. For now, please know that new landscaping islands and landscaping is planned as part of our construction.

Thank you for your partnership as we revive our Revive spaces and build The Bridge! We are excited about what God can and will do through Revive Church and other churches in the area as we seek to bring about the peace and prosperity of our city through the economic, relational, and spiritual flourishing of people in our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we go through this challenging period of construction!