Meet our Partner: Lionheart Children’s Academy

Jun 13, 2022

We continue to move toward our Bridge Vision of the peace and prosperity of our city, and our Bridge Mission to create a platform of purpose through a physically attractive and inviting mixed-use center, filled with excellent and thriving businesses and organizations serving our community, and particularly people in economically, relationally, or spiritually vulnerable situations.

why a childcare organization

The peace and prosperity of our city clearly rely in part on increasing the availability of quality childcare for our community, which suffers significant economic losses due to inadequate childcare capacity. 

A study published by the Arvada Chamber of Commerce indicates that Jefferson County alone incurs an estimated annual economic cost of nearly $200 million due to a lack of childcare because parents lose earnings from loss of productivity, businesses lose revenues from lower output, and our community loses revenue from lower production, and sales and consumption tax revenue. 

The same study indicates that more than half of Coloradans live in a childcare desert (including the area around The Bridge) – only one slot for every three needed. Colorado has the eighth highest cost of childcare in the U.S., and the cost of childcare is often the main reason women leave the workplace. 

Introducing Lionheart Children’s Academy

One of the ways we plan to solve some of these challenges and barriers to the peace and prosperity of our city is by partnering with an excellent organization called Lionheart Children’s Academy. Lionheart is an organization that provides quality childcare, and whose sole mission is to reach young families and their children with the love of Jesus – to build relationships with them while they’re at Revive /The Bridge’s campus, and over time, see them become active at Revive Church.

Lionheart sets aside 50% of its seats for non-church families, and we plan to offer reduced rate tuition via CCAP (County Child Care Assistance Program) and/or scholarships to at least 25% of the students.  Our long-term goal is to provide reduced rate tuition to 50% of Lionheart’s students.  Based on our current construction timeline to turn the old warehouse building into a Lionheart Academy, their doors will open in January of next year for up to 223 students!

Please pray for Lionheart and their ministry, and for a smooth construction process as we prepare a new childcare facility to serve our community.