Meet our Partner: BeyondHome

Jul 5, 2022

We are so excited to announce that as of June 30, 2022, BeyondHome now owns the two-acre parcel of vacant land immediately east of Revive Church and The Bridge! 

BeyondHome offers a comprehensive approach for families to become self-sufficient for life through a holistic and modern approach to helping families. BeyondHome combines training, education, professional counseling, life skills, mental health, and community to help families achieve their goals and graduate to self-sufficiency.


How BeyondHome’s Self-Sufficiency Program works

Needs Identification

BeyondHome interviews parents and single mothers to assess their immediate needs, goals, and motivation for success.

Immediate Needs Provision

Families accepted into the Self-Sufficiency Program are placed in a safe environment with stable housing within the BeyondHome community and they receive the necessary items to satisfy their immediate needs (safe interim housing, furniture, access to BeyondHome’s food bank, and essential supplies such as diapers) to provide stability.

Case Manager Assigned

Families are assigned a case manager who helps identify their strengths and needs through frequent meetings and personal care to provide individualized case plans, accountability, and support.  This action plan supports families on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Going Deeper

Based on each Family’s individual case plan, families attend classes offered by BeyondHome, including career counseling, financial literacy, life and/or parenting coaching, and professional counseling.  These classes boost a family’s knowledge and skills in money management, budgeting, nutrition, daily life skills, and parenting well.

Community Building

Through group night courses (for example, on effective communication, economical shopping, cooking skills, etc.), community gardening in raised garden beds available for residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and youth programs to help children reach their full potential, families receive mentoring, a vision, healing, and hope.

Graduation to Self-Sufficiency

Through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, families graduate from the Self-Sufficiency Program to fulfill their potential and live a self-sufficient life, including careers with livable wages, financial stability, home ownership and a stable, happy and healthy family.

BeyondHome currently serves families participating in their Self-Sufficiency Program in 37 affordable homes in the vicinity of Old Wadsworth and 61st Avenue.  On the recently purchased land next to Revive Church and The Bridge, they plan to build 20 to 40 additional homes to help more families graduate from their Self-Sufficiency Program. 

BeyondHome will utilize space within The Bridge for classroom facilities, and BeyondHome families will be able to receive services from other current and future Bridge Partners, including CrossPurpose, Lionheart Children’s Academy, Haven’s Hope (mentoring +++), etc.  

BeyondHome is doing amazing work for our community and in the lives of families they serve.  We look forward to a deeper partnership with them as they build a new community right next door!