Reviving People & Places
Right Where We Are

Bridge Builders

Progress since we launched our 2020 Vision:

  • We became Revive Church in September 2020
  • We have more deeply defined “vulnerable” and are working with others who have more experience in that area.
  • We purchased the Meadows Center that is becoming The Bridge.

Next Steps:

  • We will revive the exterior space of The Bridge to make it a welcoming destination. 
  • We are optimizing the Revive Church footprint under one roof (U1R) to best steward our space and invite partners for the prospering of our city. 
  • We will play our part by investing economic capital to advance the vision.

How You Can Join?

  1. Pray…for the peace and prosperity of our city.
    …for the vulnerable in our midst and the people we will serve.
    …for wisdom in the planning.
    …for favor with city leadership.
    …for like-minded partners for The Bridge.
    about problems our city faces, including addiction, mental health, spiritual and economic poverty, physical and sexual abuse, etc.
    …that God be glorified as we revive people and places.
  2. ConnectThink and pray about people who could help The Bridge succeed and help us connect with them. These might include business leaders, non-profit leaders, city and county leadersor experienced practitioners in the fields of childcare, human services, counseling, grant writing, etc.  Please pass along our email address ( to help us connect!
  3. Give

    Invest your economic capital by giving now and planning for future giving to advance the vision of Revive Church and The Bridge. 
" Everybody has a part to play
Everybody has a brick to lay "

Watch The Bridge Builders Series:

This is a 4 part series with the last video being the presentation about the Next Steps of the vision. These videos go into a lot of depth about the vision work done over the last 3 years,



What will happen to our space during construction? 

We have the benefit of our existing spaces, like the Warehouse, to help us provide uninterrupted programming for our ministries and programs while our facilities are under construction. Exterior modifications will not impede existing businesses during construction.  

What will happen to local and global partners’ ministry space? 

Our Thrift Store, Free Zone ministries, and global partners have been a big part of our church. Space is likely to be reallocated over time, as The Bridge develops. We are grateful for current leadership and are encouraged to see the emergence of new leaders. We look forward to continued impact in the community. 

Who will manage The Bridge? 

Our leadership team and Board are working together to create a new position, funded by The Bridge, that will lead and manage The Bridge. This role will be part of our Revive Church staff. 

What is the official legal and organizational relationship between The Bridge and Revive Church? 

Legally, The Bridge and Revive Church are the same organization. Financially, we maintain separate accounting activity between both entities. In the future, we may consider changing the legal structure of The Bridge. 

How will businesses coming into The Bridge serve people? 

There are 3 basic ways businesses in the Bridge will serve others: 1) Provide direct support and services addressing economic, relational, and spiritual vulnerability. 2) Provide direct and indirect support for the economically vulnerable through discounted goods and services based on income. 3) Provide indirect support through generating revenues that sustain The Bridge and create opportunities for Revive Church to serve others. 

Where will income from The Bridge go?

In the near term, most income from The Bridge will be used to stabilize the economic viability of The Bridge. Over time as partners come online, revenue from The Bridge will be used to develop additional programming at The Bridge, partner with Arvada on priorities with vulnerability, and fund Revive Church ministries and missions.

When will this work get done?

Initial work on the final lobby project has begun. We are meeting with city officials on overall plan reviews and permits for the larger project. We expect the work will begin formally on The Bridge and Under One Roof by late summer and are currently targeting completion of both by late 2022.

How much will these projects cost/how will we pay for them?

We have hired Church Facility Solutions to lead these projects and are working closely with them on finalizing proposed costs. We expect to have those finalized by June. We still have significant proceeds from our land sale, a strong balance sheet, and positive cash flow. We are in an excellent position to begin this work, but we will need everyone’s help to complete it.

Who are our potential partners?

We have begun initial conversations with CrossPurpose, a faith-based workforce development program, and have started conversations with two child-care providers. We are not able to release their names yet but will as conversations progress. Finally, we are starting to explore possible relationships that can help us with our food & beverage and medical service strategy.



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